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Gallicano nel Lazio (Lazio Gallicano) is located on the Prenestini mountains east of Rome, specifically on a tuff hill between the gorges carved out of rock by two rivers. It is crossed by four Roman aqueducts and the arches of the Claudio Aqueduct are clearly visible.

There are two legends about its name: one linked to the crowing of a rooster who saved the city from invaders and the other linked to the Roman nobleman Gallicano, who stayed in one of the many Roman villas built in the area corresponding to the modern city centre.

The medieval village is characterized, however, by a road that connects the Church of San Rocco to the Cathedral of St. Andrew and the original fortress that became the Baronial Palace, around which was formed the town. All the ancient village still retains the essence of an ancient castle-fortress.

Due to its geographical position, Gallicano was an impregnable stronghold which has held strategic importance for all the families who have dominated and held it in the course of history.