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Longone Sabino is located on a hill in one of the most beautiful areas of Sabina, halfway between the valleys of the Salto and Turano. From the archeological finds and the proximity of the ancient Via Cecilia you think that in this area arose a Roman fortress but the village is in fact medieval.

The origin of Longone, dates back to the tenth century when the populations fleeing the Barbarian invasions sought refuge in the hills around fortresses. Longone was the property of the Abbey of Farfa, the first and more important than the Abbey of San Salvatore Maggiore, then. This abbey was founded in 735 by Benedictine monks who extended their dominion between the valleys of the Salto and Turano.

In 1282 the inhabitants of Longone and dependents from other castles from San Salvatore Maggiore attacked and plundered the abbey to pass under the jurisdiction of the city of Rieti.

The monks of San Salvatore applied to the Pope Clement V for help, who restored the control of the Abbey and Longone became the summer home of the “Commendatari” abbots.

The walls of the castle of Longone are elliptical and enclose a small village. The castle was later converted into a palace in the fourteenth and fifteenth century, the residence of the Abbots-Conti Mareri.