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Monte San Giovanni is located in the mountains separating the plain of Rieti from the middle Tiber valley.

There is not much recorded history and probably the village was formed around a thousand when the population took refuge in the fortified places on the heights, to escape the Saracen invasions. In the village you can see the tower, classical symbol of the ancient noble power, the walls and gates. The first news of the existence of Monte San Giovanni is in a bill of sale in 1240 for the castle when the last of Camponeschi sold to Napoleone Orsini a number of castles.

The Camponeschi were particularly active between the tenth and twelfth centuries in the areas of the Sabine Mountains.

To this period belong the terraces that prevented the washing away of the land, and that today characterize the landscape of the area, and the grinding wheel of the old mill moved by the waters of Canera stream.

Monte San Giovanni remained with Orsini until the early seventeenth century, when the castle returned to the apostolic chamber, and again after Adriano and Antonio Antoniazzi Flavian.