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Accumoli is one of three Italian municipalities bordering three different regions from that of the region to which it belongs. Those borders are Abbruzzo, Marche and Umbria. It is located north east of Rome, on the Via Salaria, in the valley of the river Tronto. The Via Salaria was built by the Emperor Nerva in the 96 AD to bring the salt from Rome to the Sabina. In the Middle Ages this area was under the control of the Abbey of Farfa.

The urban centre was founded in the twelfth century when the Kingdom of Naples decided to bring together the towns of the valley into a single fortified place that participated in the Sicilian Vespers.

In 1200 the University of Accumoli was founded as a way to redistribute rights and land rents.

In 1500 the fortress was transformed into a Renaissance Cappello Palace.

In 1643, Accumoli was sold for a short period to the Medicis, but later returned to the kingdom of Naples to whom it remained tied until 1860.