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Aprilia is one of the ‘cities of foundation’ and was inaugurated in 1937 during the Fascist period following the reclamation of the Pontine.

The name “Aprilia” is derived from the month of April and ‘Venus Aprilia’, Venus Fruitful. The initial town consisted of four large buildings: Municipal Offices, post office, church, House of Fascism to which were added the Cinema Littorio and the inn.

In ancient times this area was occupied by the Volsci and the Latins. In the tenth century a watchtower was built by the Frangipane family that was soon abandoned for the advance of the swamps.

In the Renaissance several attempts were made at rehabilitation by Pope Leo X, Sixtus V (1585-1590), who was responsible for the excavation of the channel that was named after him, and Pius VI. In 1798 he opened a drainage channel, parallel to the Via Appia, which still flows near Terracina. Aprilia was completely destroyed during the Second World War, following the landing at Anzio in