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Arsoli is situated on the Simbruini Mountains just a short distance from Abruzzo and has been inhabited since the Romans. After the oblivion by the Barbarian invasions, a new village was built around a fortified monastery.

For three centuries, until 1536, Arsoli was fief of Passamonti family that, at the death of its famous leader and captain of fortune, Amico Passamonti, at the hand of Marzio Colonna, found itself in financial difficulties and the estate was taken over by Zambeccari family, and the area suffered from neglect for nearly forty years.

In 1574, on the advice of San Filippo Neri, the estate was bought by the Massimo princes who made it an example of proper administration of justice, creating services for the people and building a new aqueduct to supply water to the village and castle.

The village is so picturesque that it has been formed into a widespread museum. It was a favorite retreat of the great writer Luigi Pirandello writer who you could meet sitting at the café in the main square.