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The old town has a special circular shape, punctuated by nine towers and three doors like a wheel. They are placed around an ideal centre formed by the Tower of the old castle dating from the eleventh century.

The history of Bassiano begins around the tenth century when a small group of shepherds, escaping the barbarians, took refuge in this place that is completely covered from view from the plain.

The country was originally ruled by the Annibaldi family and, from 1297, by the Caetani family who in 1554 ordered the construction of an important building, which embraced medieval houses and shops.

The story of Bassiano is also linked in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries to the spiritual friars who were observant of the rule of Saint Francis of Assisi and promoters of social transformation. They found refuge in the Dark Selva cave, then also frequented by the Knights Templar.