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Borgorose is located in the upper Valle del Salto and until 1960 was called Borgocollefegato.

The territory is surrounded by mountains and can be divided into one part being inhabited foothills on a plateau of Borgorose Corvaro and a the other part being a mountain at high altitude along the Mountains of the Duchess, where the Duchess Lake is found.

It was populated since ancient times, as attested by numerous archaeological finds, attributed to the Equicoli.

In the Middle Ages it was part of the Duchy of Spoleto and, as a result of the Saracen invasions of the ninth century, many castles were built in the area (Torano, Corvaro, Castelmenardo, Spedino, Collefegato and Macito Poggiovalle).

After being part of the domains of the bishop of Rieti, it went for a short time to the kingdom of Naples and later became a fiefdom. The Barberini were the last family to control it until the arrival of Napoleon’s troops.