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Bracciano is located on the west bank of the large lake of the same name, though originally called Lacus Sabatinus, about 30 km north-west from Rome.

Its territory was inhabited since Etruscan times, but the most interesting archaeological sites, are from the Roman period such as the Apollinari baths of Vicarello. Precious also is the church of San Liberato built on Roman ruins, and whose origins date back to the ninth century.

The history of medieval Bracciano can be traced through a visit to the beautiful Orsini Odescalchi Castle, built between 1470 and 1490 by the Orsini, who at that time were one of the most important Roman noble and powerful families, and then passed to the Odescalchi in 1696.

One of the bastions of the fortified walls, the Belvedere of the Sentinel, is now a pleasant place to stop and meet, a place which offers a magnificent view of the surrounding countryside and the lake.

The small historical centre of the village, perched on the hill, offers the possibility of pleasant walks. Stroll through the picturesque narrow streets, with the silence broken only by the sound of your steps, you can forget about the modern world.