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Casalattico is located on a hill in the stretch of the Val di Comino across from the Melfa River and its history is linked to Rome. The name, in fact, comes from Pomponio Attico, a financier and friend of Cicero, who had a house here. The town is known for the evocative Roman bridge over the Melfa river and ‘written stone’, a rock on which is engraved the history of the road built by a Roman named Pomponio Tigrano.

Its story has special gory episodes but there were continuous changes of ownership until end of the Second World War during which the German Gustav Line. defending against the advance of the allies, passed through here. The population of the village of Mortale were all taken to a concentration camp. The aftermath of this story is that 70% of the population of Casalattico emigrated mainly to England, Ireland, France, Germany and Latin America.

Recently the village of Mortale was renamed in honour of Lord Charles Forte who was born in this place.

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