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At the foot of Monte Pizzuto and the highest of Sabina, it is considered one of the most beautiful ancient villages of Italy. The territory of the municipality of Casperia is markedly divided into two parts: the hills to the west while the eastern part is crossed by the ridge of the pre-Apennines of Lazio.

Its fame goes back a thousand years  and the site was also mentioned by Virgil in the Aeneid. During the early Middle Ages Aspra (the original name of Casperia) was in the domain of the powerful Abbey of Farfa and in 1278, it submitted to the Holy See. In the fourteenth century it fell under the control of the Perugino, Nicola Pone di Ranieri, then moved on to the Savelli and Orsini. In 1592 it became definitely part of the Papal States possessions.