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The town of Collepardo is on an area affected by a significant karst activity characterized by deep gorges of the river Cosa, the caves of Bambocci and the great chasm of Pozzo d’Antullo.

According to the German historian Febronio, here the Centaur Chiron had his “Garden” where he cultivated his medical herbs. He was the ‘doctor’ who had treated the burnt ankle of Achille replacing it with that of a dead giant. Even today there are important distilleries of herbs here.

Collepardo was a road junction between Lazio and Abruzzo thanks to the abundance of the Cosa river waters (perhaps then navigable with dams and dykes).

It became a village in the ninth century with walls and towers still visible and, above the sources of the river Cosa, the powerful Colonna family built the Trisulti Castle, that then became a Carthusian Monastery (as in Chartreuse). The name Collepardo probably derives from the difficult natural access to the area and the good defenses for its inhabitants: “hill-pardo” or ‘wild hill’.


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