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Contigliano, is surrounded by nature and including chestnut and oak trees and is rich in spring water.

The area has been populated since prehistoric times, but had its major development during the Roman period. Here there was a Roman settlement called Cotilia. The village of Contigliano, mentioned for the first time in the register of the Abbey of Farfa of 850 with the name of ‘Fundus Quintilianus’, probably originated from the expansion of a Roman agricultural property.

Around the tenth century the first fortifications were built to resist the attacks of Saracens and Contigliano assumed a strategic role for its location. It was declared a possession of the Church but administered from the nearby Rieti. A tragic event recounted in history books is the siege and looting in 1501 by Vitellozzo Vitelli, condottiero (mercenary leader) in the service of Pope Alexander VI.