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The town of Falvaterra is located on a spur overlooking the valley where the Liri and Sacco rivers meet and its name derives from the ancient Roman city of Fabrateria.

The current town centre was formed as a result of the destruction of the Roman city in the sixth century, when people sought refuge in the fortified hills to escape the Lombards. The village was controlled by the de Ceccano and became the southern limit of the pontifical Lazio until 1870.

Because of its location it has always had a military colony and the fortress was besieged and conquered many times. In 1303 it fell into the hands of the Caetani and in the following century into those of the Colonna, remaining under their dominion until 1816, when the feudal rights were abolished.

Due to its border location, Falvaterra had much bandit activity.

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