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Genazzano stands on volcanic tufa rock surrounded by two rivers and is a renowned centre since the Roman period. For years it was under the rule of the Colonna family who had built an interesting chateau that is now a Center for Contemporary Art.

The castle was located along the Via Francigena on the passage between Rome and Naples. When you enter the door from Rome you meet the Nymphaeum built by Bramante.

The history of Genazzano is still intertwined with the challenge of Barletta in 1503 that saw 13 Italian and 13 French knights opposing each other. Italians won and the team included Brancaleone who was born in Genazzano.

The arms of the municipality shows 13 blue and 13 white triangles and every year at the end of May there is a re-enactment of the challenge with a historical parade, vows of the knights, flag bearers and chivalrous combat.