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The medieval village of Greccio is perched on a rocky rampart at the foot of Mount Lacerone, with lovely views over the Rieti valley.

It was probably founded by a Greek colony from which it derives its name. The earliest records date back to the founding of the Castrum and battles with neighbouring communities in the eleventh century.

At the turn of 1100, the castrum Greciae experienced a period of great demographic and urban development in the form of immigration from neighbouring towns.

In 1242 it was destroyed by the troops of Frederick II of Swabia, who was at war against the Holy See and, failing to conquer Rieti, he gave orders to make ‘fire and sword’ in the area of Rieti.

A second looting took place in 1799 by Napoleonic troops.

The ancient village still retains its structure, typical of a fortified “castrum”, in which stands the remains of the castle, dating back to the eleventh century.