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The name comes from the particular atmosphere that is created in this area under the protection of Mount St. Benedict from the north winds. For this, since the time of the Romans it has been known as an area of particular interest. Here are the ruins of a magnificent villa, with attached baths, considered the property of Marcus Agrippa, one of the main collaborators of the emperor Augustus and builder of the Pantheon in Rome. And in fact the ancient Via Agrippa comes to Montebuono and to other villas in the area.

After the Romans the town had a period of oblivion and the history of Montebuono reappears in the Middle Ages when they started to build villages in higher areas around fortified castles that often arose above earlier Roman settlements.

In the fourteenth century it was a fiefdom of the Savelli, was forfeited in 1580 by the Holy See and was then entrusted to the Orsini.