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The history of Monteflavio is very ‘modern’, as it was born as an ‘ideal’ town in 1570 when some inhabitants of Marcetelli abandoned their town, then led by a despot, and followed the ideas of ​​Cardinal Flavio Orsini. The Cardinal had decided to build a true urban centre by assigning the land to the peasants who, according to this real contract, they would have created the town centre. This instrument shall be retained at the town.

The Cardinal, to whom was dedicated the name of the town, had wanted a centre with scattered houses, instead the citizens built a true urban core with the main corso, perpendicular streets, town square and a church at the highest point. The church is dated 1602 and you can see the pink five petals symbol of the Orsini family.

In 1644 Monteflavio passed to the Barberini family, and during this time there was a second emigration from Marcetelli. The arrival of new people led to an enrichment and a crafts of woodworking. In particular Monteflavio became famous for the production of staves and hoops for barrels and why its inhabitants were called ‘cerchiari’ (hoops).