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Montelibretti is located northeast of Rome, in the Sabine area, near the Tiber Valley and the Via Salaria.

The name seems to derive from Gaio Bruzio Presente, owner of a Roman villa and father-in-law of the emperor Commodo, the ‘Bruzi farm’ then ‘Castellum Britti’. Here the Via Salaria, around 1000, was called Via Brictia and in the Middle Ages began to be called by the name Montis Brittorum.

The first bishopric dates from the seventh century and Montelibretti becomes part of the Duchy of Spoleto. Albeit with ups and downs, the story of Montelibretti follows that of the Abbey of Farfa. In 1200 it was sold to the Roman family of Margani and, in 1337 A.D., was bought by the Orsini of Gravina di Puglia.