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Moricone is located on the hills at the foot of Mount Gennaro in Lucretili Mountains Park. Its story begins with the Sabines and the Romans: this was the area of the famous Gens Claudia. The true nucleus of habitation was formed in the Middle Ages, around a thousand A.D., when a first fortified settlement and a castle were built in the area called Monte Morrecone. The first document dates back to 1272 and shows the name of Palombara family who sold it to the Savelli.

In 1611,the Borghese took over. Marcantonio Borghese modernized the area carrying aqueducts, two grinding wheels for wheat and two for the oil, they realized another castle and reclaimed the surrounding areas. The Prince donated the castle to the nuns who founded the religious order of the Oblates of St. Clare.

From the Borghese, the estate passed to the Torlonia family and finally to the Sforza Cesarini.