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Nerola is located on a high spur of Lucretili Mountains on the border between Rome and Rieti, probably where the pre-Roman age town of Regillo stood, a famous place because it was militarily strategic for the control of the Via Salaria. The name Nerola should just come from the goddess of force Nereine, much loved by the Regillus warrior people. In Sabine language “ner” means force.

Regillo is also remembered for having given birth to Atta Clauso, founder of the Claudia gens from which descended Nero.

The history of the Nerola village starts during the eleventh century with the creation of a ‘castrum’ by the Crescenzi family who ruled it until 1235 when it passed under Papal control.

The medieval village, the old town of Nerola, is perched around the fortified castle and retains all the typical features of the Middle Ages.