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The name Patrica probably goes back to the Latin ‘patricium’ from the presence of Roman villas. The territory also has traces of an ancient land reclamation and a necropolis. The medieval Patrica though was founded¬†in the hills when the population sought protection from the Saracens.

It was mentioned for the first time in 817, the act of donation by Emperor Ludwig I to Pope Pasquale I. For a long time it belonged to the lords of Ceccano who built the fortress. Later it was a fiefdom of the Counts of Colonna involved in the war fought with the Holy See, of which they were faithful allies.

In 1599 it passed to the Marquis Tarquinio Santacroce and in 1625 was bought by the Colonna family who kept it until 1816.

From the 1500s Patrica was no longer involved in wars except at the time of Napoleonic conflict when several Patricani distinguished themselves as brigands. In the nineteenth century the town hall was completed, an aqueduct was built, a new city plan was created.

In the twentieth century there was a considerable emigration to Rome and the Americas: in Pennsylvania it came to constitute an even larger community than remained in the home country.


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