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A castle was built around the middle of the eleventh century to control the Via Maritime between Gaeta and Avezzano (the sea in Abruzzo) and Casilina with Appia. The castle passed hands several times from the nobles of Fondi to the monks of Monte Cassino. In the fourteenth century the castle had its own municipal organization and counted a dozen churches.

In the fifteenth century the Della Rovere family came and, under Spanish rule, it was administered by the governors of the Kingdom of Naples, and then it moved on to the Farnese family in 1542. From 1734 until the unification of Italy it depended directly on the Kingdom of Naples.

It was involved in banditry after the unification. During World War II, a large number of displaced persons from the areas of Cassino took refuge in the mountains around the town and meanwhile the population was moved to safer places. After the war, many emigrated mainly to Switzerland.


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