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Posta is crossed by the ancient consular road Via Salaria, as evidenced traits of the road layout, tombs, bas-reliefs and other archaeological finds typical of Roman roads. In Roman times here the toll dutywas collected her to allow passage along the so-called ‘Via del Sale’. The name derives from the name “Posta”, ‘place for the accommodation of travellers and to change horses’, in reference to the position that the town occupied along the Via Salaria.

The foundation of the village dates from the thirteenth-fourteenth century when the inhabitants of the Machilone castle, destroyed by troops of Aquila, took refuge on this hill. It was part of the area granted to Aquila by permission of Charles II of Naples and it followed the historical events of Naples until the sixteenth century.

Later it belonged to the families of Brancaleone, Mareri, Giordano Cesi and Cavaletti.

It was largely destroyed by the devastating earthquake of 1703.