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The city of Priverno is located in the Amaseno valley, famous for the quality of crops and herds of buffaloes for mozarella. The Priverno origins are pre-Roman, and right here, according to the story told by Virgil, the legendary Queen Camilla Volsci fought against the Trojans invaders.

In the fourth century Priverno was conquered by Rome and through here passed the famous Via Appia linking Rome with Brindisi, and then with the East. From this moment Priverno become an important commercial centre and its history is intertwined with that of the capital, so that in 58 BC it was depicted on a Roman coin.

With the fall of Roman Empire ending the maintenance work and Appia Valley returning to be in the middle of a marsh and the links with the south passed through the mountains so Priverno became a mail centre, where the exchange pf horses took place. In the ninth century the ancient Privernum was destroyed by Barbarians and Saracens.

The current town was formed in the Middle Ages when people started to take refuge in the hills and in the twelfth century the Town Hall and the main churches were built. Despite Priverno being part of the Papal States, it has always maintained its autonomy and had no feudal lords. It had its heyday in the late Middle Ages, culminating in the complex of the Abbey of Fossanova. Priverno was declared a city of art.