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Roccagiovine is located on a rocky outcrop and is part of the Lucretili Mountains Regional Park above Tivoli east of Rome.

In this area there was a temple dedicated to the Roman goddess Vacuna, goddess of idleness and relaxation after work in the fields, and here was the house of the poet Horace who repeatedly tells of these places. An inscription on the fountain in the centre of the main square says ‘Clear source that greets the ruins of the temple Vacuna’. Another testimony of the temple, rebuilt by Emperor Vespasian at his cost, is a column used as a frame for one of the Orsini castle windows.

The recorded history of the village, however, begins around one thousand when this area was under the control of the Monastery of San Cosimato in Vicovaro. In 1212 Innocent III allocated the area of the monastery of Sts. Sebastian and Fabiano to the Catacombs in Rome for the corruption of previous monks.

In 1351 the castle passed to the Orsini and then in 1687 they give 1/3 of the property to the Borghese family.

In 1824 the castle passed to the Marquis Dal Gallo who still owns it.