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The first documents about Salisano appear in the “Summary Farfense” in 840, where it is mentioned among the estates of the Abbey of Farfa. The origin of the village, however, dates from the first half of the eleventh century when the population seeking shelter from the Saracen invasions took refuge in the castrum on the heights.

Salisano became an asset of the Abbey and was given successively to the families of the Orsini, Farnese, Barberini and Lante della Rovere.

There was a violent episode when the Orsini entrusted Salisano to Baron Ferreoli who proved arrogant and violent. The citizens rebelled and killed him with his family and servants. Then they also destroyed his palace.

According to a popular legend, its name means ‘salt only if you are healthy’ and comes from the original route of access to the country. It was a particularly steep path that could be covered only by those who had no health problems.