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Tarquina has ancient origins and the ancient Etruscan town stood on the height known as “La Civita”, behind the town of today. This is attested by a necropolis of 6000 tombs of which 60 are fully painted.

The city was founded by the mythological Etruscan hero, Tarchon, who immigrated from Lydia. Its importance was due to the trade and to the mineral resources of the territory. Towards the end of the sixth century BC it began to decline and in 311 BC it was conquered by Rome, becoming a municipality in 90 BC.

After the Barbarian invasions, it was rebuilt on Corneto hill and around the XI century it was surrounded with massive walls. The medieval city stands out immediately with its high towers, the walls and the Great Tower.

In the medieval period it belonged to the Countess Matilde di Canossa, and has experienced a long period of autonomy being able to withstand the siege of Frederick II of Swabia. It was then conquered by the Pope’s forces of Cardinal Albornoz and since then followed the fortunes of the Church until the unification of Italy.

Tarquinia is a holiday resort by the sea and cultural and nature tourism destination.