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Ancient Tivoli, that Virgil called Tibur Superbum in the Aeneid, has an origin and a long history much older than that of Rome, from at least 1215 BC, when it was considered a point of convergence between different peoples. Proof of this is the Sanctuary of Hercules Victor, a sacred temple that dates back to the second century BC.

Today the image of Tivoli is inextricably linked to the three magnificent villas, the spectacular Villa d’Este and the archaeological Villa Adriana (both UNESCO World Heritage of Humanity), the landscaping Villa Gregoriana managed by the FAI (Italian Environment Fund) and the Thermal Baths of Acque Albule.

The picturesque scenery of this area has been the favourite destination of poets, painters and wealthy aristocrats who already in the 1800s made Tivoli a stage of the famous Grand Tour.

The “Grand Tour” Tivoli is a fascinating journey through archeology, history, places of worship and natural landscapes that you do not expect in such profusion or magnificence.