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The territory of Vallepietra has the four highest peaks in the province of Rome, and among the highest in the Lazio, including Monte Autore (1853), Monte Tarino (1959), Monte Tarinello (1742) and Colle della Cut (1670).

The town ranges from 770 metres up to 880 metres with the City Hall at 824 metres on the northern slope of Mount Faito.  There are large snowfields in the mountains above Vallepietra including a snow pit on Mount Tarino that remains around the year. The slopes from below the town are covered with forests and then at higher levels, grasslands before the rocky tops covered by moss and lichen. The area has the largest basin of water springs in Europe.

The hypotheses on the origin of this small town are different, but both are linked to fugitives who sought refuge among the inaccessible areas of the upper valley.

The history of Vallepietra is closely linked to that of Anagni and its noble families who dominated the country for a long time. These were the Conti family, Pope Alexander IV (1245-1257) who was born in Jenne, and the Caetani family of Boniface VIII.

The medieval tower that dominates the central square with the nearby church tower can be considered the symbol of the territory.

For the hiker there are many attractions of flora and fauna to match the extensive scenic views, including possible sighting of the Marsicano bear, the pellegrine falcon and the golden eagle.