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The village of Vallerotonda dates back to the Middle Ages when the population retreated to fortified castles on the orders of the cassinesi abbots, controllers of the places. The main activity of the population was sheep farming and marginal agriculture. Its name recalls the geomorphological features of the territory.

Vallerotonda was away from the main means of communication and does not have any great historical events that feature it.

Despite this, over the past two centuries it has suffered severe looting and devastation: in 1799 by the French troops, in 1915 it was damaged by a large earthquake, and in the winter of 1944 was severely bombed by the allied forces.

Starting from the Italian unification, the town has been depopulating through emigration. Vallerotonda is the home of robber Cetrillo who distinguished himself in the anti-unification and pro-Bourbon revolt.

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