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The town is located between Monte Cimino and the Tiber River and dates back to the Etruscan period which then the Romans consolidated and it became ‘Castrum Amerinum’ along the Via Amerina. For many years their was no trace and then the area became part of the possessions of the Church in 727 DC thanks to a donation from the king of the Lombards Liutprand.

In the thirteenth century it was ruled by many feudal families like the Orsini to whom we owe the construction of the imposing castle.

After an attempt of a few years of rebellion against the Papal States, by 1375 it was back in the domains of the church and was granted as a fiefdom to several families: Tomacelli, Colonna and Della Rovere, who had received it from Pope Julius II as a gift for the wedding of Nicholas Della Rovere with Laura Orsini.

The last owners were the Barberini -Sciarra who held it throughout the nineteenth century.