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In the beautiful Val Comino, the agricultural centre of Viticuso was founded in the early Middle Ages by the monks of Monte Cassino near a lake (now disappeared due to karst build up). The centre was for a long time one of the main sources of food supply for the needs of the Abbey and its domains.

Around 1000, as shown by an inscription on a building that bears the date 1003, a village was formed around a church and a military settlement.

Following clashes with the Normans the population first relocated in the large mountain territory and was concentrated by the Abbot Gerardo in areas protected by fortified walls. The lords of Venafro built a castle, called “Vitecusum”, which in 1915 was destroyed by the earthquake and later devastated by the Second World War.

During the nineteenth century the Viticusani were intensely pro-Bourbon brigandage, which here had its stronghold. With the unity of Italy emigration of the inhabitants began.

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