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The origins of Poggio Moiano perhaps come from a settlement of woodcutters carrying coal to Rome and who arrived here between the seventh century and the year one thousand. The first official document of its existence dates back to 1083 in the register of the Abbey of Farfa.

In a bull in 1262, Pope Urban IV mentions a castrum attributed fully to the Abbey of Farfa.

Part was allocated to the family Anguillara and, in the fifteenth century, the Savelli. In 1461 it was conquered by the troops of Pope Pius II, led by Federico da Montefeltro, who had to conquer the fiefdoms of the barons who had supported the kingdom of Naples. After various events the town was returned to the Savelli lost it to repay debts selling it to the Borghese princes, and finally to the Torlonia.