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The town of Posta Fibreno is perched on a hill, close to the Abruzzo National Park, from where you have a wonderful view of the Val Comino.

In 1915 the town was destroyed by the Marsica earthquake Marsica and the old severely damaged historic center was declared uninhabitable.

As the town coat of arms reminds us, Posta Fibreno is known for its lake and its trouts. It is now more than two thousand years since Cicero wrote: “I love this healthy area and its amenities. Especially since I arrived here I can only be satisfied with such wonder”.

In order to keep intact this “wonder”, in January 1983 the Lazio Region established the Nature Reserve of Lake Posta Fibreno, for “… the preservation, enhancement and rational utilization of the natural environment, to the economic development of local communities affected and for the proper use by the entire population”.

The protected area, extending for about 400 hectares, accounting for nearly half of the municipal area.  The basin of the lake, which has a length of about 1,900 meters and a maximum width of about 320 m, has a narrow and elongated shape.

The Fibreno River is the only outlet of the lake basin and originates from the confluence of the waters of the lake with the waters of Carpel stream. At the junction between the river Carpel, Lake Fibreno and the river Fibreno, on the left bank there are old buildings that in the past, were used as “Peschere”, i.e. as storing rooms for the trout catch.

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