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Rocca Canterano has a particularly elongated shape as it has developed along a ‘cliff’ in the mountains near Subiaco, and is surrounded by mountains.

It was first settled by the Romans when the Senate sent the settlers to preserve order after the defeat of Equi. In the second century AD this area became a recreation area for the Roman patricians.

The town was born around 1084 with the creation of a citizens’ protection fortress, built by the Abbot of Subiaco. On the remains of this fortress the present palace Moretti Palace was later built, whose curved side indicates precisely its realization on the remains of the walls of the ancient fortress.

To protect themselves from the attacks of gangs and criminals, the town’s houses outside the city walls were built with narrow inner streets, with many curves and only with steps. Today this is still one of the original Rocca ┬áCanterano features.