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Roccagorga is located on a spur of Monte Nero in entirety in the Lepine Mountains.

The origins date back to 796 AD when, following the destruction of Privernum, the population took refuge in the surrounding hills. According to tradition, the name comes from a matron named Gorga who was one of those Privernati fugitives.

The first official news of the village is in Fossanova Chronicle (1123), and among the first feudal lords were the Counts of Ceccano.

The fortress was a strong quadrangular tower built in a strategic position so that it could communicate through messages with the towers of Maenza, Asprano and Monte Acuto.

Between 1389 and 1404 the Ceccano Counts were driven out by Pope Boniface IX for having sided with the anti-pope Clement VII.

In 1520 the town was sacked by the troops of the mercenary captain Giovanni delle Bande Nere, in the service of Pope Leo X.  It was then sold to the Caetani, the Ginnetti, Orsini and finally the Doria Pamphili.