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The history of Rocca Sinibalda coincides with the history of the castle, one of the best preserved of Sabina and declared a national monument. Rocca Sinibalda is located on the hills of the Sabina a short distance from the mountains of Terminillo.

Along the valley runs the Turano River, the ancient Telonio River, which gives birth to the lake.

The first news of Rocca Sinibalda is in a document in 1084 of the Abbey of Farfa. It had been a fiefdom of Brancaleone and then the Mareri. In 1510 it was confiscated by Charles V, who assigned it to Giangiorgio Sforza Cesarini who built the imposing castle. And then it passed through many families and the Curti Lepri were the last feudal lords.

The name comes from “rock” and “Sinibalda”, a noble of Lombard origin that was Count and rector in Sabina from 1058-1065.