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The history of San Donato Val di Comino begins with the Samnite settlement Cominum, destroyed by the Romans in 293 BC, who then built a Roman villa.

There the story is lost until San Donato village was formed in the eighth century AD around the small church of San Donato that was itself formed around a fortress like many medieval towns.

After belonging to the Abbey of Montecassino it became a fiefdom of the Aquini, Cantelmo, of Cardona and Gallio that have kept it until 1806, the year of abolition of feudal rights.

The name originates from the venerated saint of the town. It has not seen the great historical travails while it has suffered several earthquakes.

Emigration to Europe occurred as a result of the unification of Italy and after the Second World War emigration to the Americas depopulated the country.

The highest part of the town is still surrounded by a town wall, formed by walls and flanked by houses, with three access gates.

It is known as one of the most beautiful towns in Italy.

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