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eighteenth century when Pope Clement XIV took the decision to found a new town to move to here the unhealthy population from the centre of San Lorenzo alle Grotte. The lake had risen and the area had been hit by malaria. The new centre was designed by architect Alessandro Dori and built by Francesco Navone.

San Lorenzo alle Grotte, the previous centre had been founded in the eighth century AD by the inhabitants of Tyre, a centre of Etruscan origin. In the Roman period it has been greatly developed thanks to the passage of the Via Cassia and became a Municipality.

During the Barbarian invasions of the fifth century AD, it was saved thanks to a miracle, a thick fog during the Sant’Apollinare day.

In the twelfth century Matilde di Canossa bequeathed it to the Holy See and in the second half of the thirteenth century it had entered the domain of the Republic of Orvieto.

In 1359 Cardinal Albornoz returned San Lorenzo under the control of the Church. In 1527 it was sacked by Lanzichenecchi on his way to Rome.