Agosta. Queen Bean

Once beans were a essential dietary element for the people of Agosta whose lands are best suited for this crop when watered with the Aniene waters. The name “Queen” comes from its delicacy that makes it worthy of being the food for a ‘Queen’. In October, the Queen Bean is Read more…

Agosta. Medieval castle

The first document attesting the presence of the medieval castle of Agosta comes from 1051. The castle can be accessed by three doors (“Chiesa”, “Santa Maria” and “Cancillittu”). Around this castle, the township arose.

Guide of Agosta

Agosta is located on the Simbruini mountains, in the Aniene river valley north of Rome near the Agosta river source from which it probably got its name. This source is one of two that supplies the Aqua Marcia Acquaduct, about 80 km long and one of the main sources of Read more…