Alatri. Olive oil

In Alatri there are about 11 oil mills and oil production is one of the main agricultural activities. Some productions have been distinguished with awards at major national competitions of ‘organic olive oil’.

Cerreto Laziale ratafia - Bettiol - 16

Alatri. Ratafia

Ratafià was one of the major liquors on Alatri during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and was used to sanction trade agreements or at the conclusion of notarial and legal acts. The term ratafià indicates any type of liquor composed of an infusion made with fruit juices and alcohol. The Read more…

Alatri. Broccoletto

The main production of Alatri countryside is that of broccoli, the popular name is Broccoletto, a green vegetable with a slightly bitter aftertaste that is served as a side dish. It is boiled and then fried lightly in the pan with oil, garlic and chilli. The cultivation of this vegetable Read more…

Alatri. Quarantino Bean

In Alatri the ancient production of the rare “quarantino bean” was recently rediscovered. It is a legume of white colour, rounded shape, from medium-small size and very tasty. It has excellent texture when cooked and its name comes from the fact that it takes 40 days to get to maturity. Read more…