Alatri. Church of San Matteo

The church of San Matteo of Alatri dates from the thirteenth century and was connected to a hospital and an orphanage. The building was transformed in the 1600s and today is the point from which, each year, a procession commences that commemorates Good Friday.

Alatri. Church of Health

The Church of Health owes its name to a medieval hospital that went into disuse with the opening of the large hospital of San Benedetto of Alatri. Inside there are frescoes dating from the fifteenth century, including a Madonna with pronounced belly, a Pietà attributed to Antoniazzo Romano and a Read more…

Alatri. Church of the Lady

The church of the Lady is located outside the city center on the road to Fiuggi and dates back to the thirteenth century. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries it has suffered a major resructuring with the entrance moved to the opposite side and the construction of a neo-Gothic facade. Read more…