Atina. Cannellini Beans DOC

For centuries, the Atina cannellini beans DOC has represented the main food of the local people and today it is still cultivated according to ancient traditions. The soil before sowing is not fertilized, even with organic fertilizer, the harvest is done manually and plants are tied together in bunches and Read more…

Atina. Atina Jazz Festival

The International Jazz Festival Atina Music comes from the passion of a local solicitor, Vittorio Fortuna, who died in 2004. The Atina Jazz Festival is one of the main festivals of the Comino Valley and attracts music lovers and tourists. In 2016 the dates are 20th to 25th July.

Atina. Archaeological Museum

The archaeological museum of Atina is divided into five rooms with  finds from the Comino Valley from prehistory to the numerous Sunni and Roman remains. It is worthwhile mentioning the grave goods found in Ominimorti necropolis which had a complete tomb from the V century BC. A series of models Read more…