Saltarello, dance of life

Saltarello is life. It is a dance of life, of liberation, of challenge. Saltarello contains a world of messages, proposals, waste, gambling, outburst, union and jealousy. Saltarello is an ancient dance. They danced almost always outdoors, on the farmyards, after intense working days in the harvest, in the wheat harvest Read more…

Ausonia. Goat cheese

The milk comes from goats in the Lepini Mountains area, Ausoni, Aurunci and the Comino Valley, where they have ideal climatic conditions for the drying of Goat cheese of Ausonia. The name ‘Marzolina’ comes from the production month that once took place only in March, during lactation of the goats. Read more…

Ausonia. Museum of Stone

In the medieval castle of Ausonia is the Demoanthropological Museum and the Museum of Stone that shows a mirror of the city life according to the customs and traditions from the protohistoric period. The itinerary is divided into four sections.  

Ausonia. The Marble Cave

The open quarries are in the heart of marble bearing hills around Ausonia and provide economic opportunity and cultural and scientific attraction. This highlights the geology of this area, when the bottom of the sea has turned into mountain and its marine inhabitants were trapped in petrifying rock.

Ausonia. The Old Town

The old town of Ausonia retains its medieval appearance and is surrounded by eighteenth-century palaces with beautiful portals, mullioned windows, spiral columns and arabizzanti (Arabic style) frames. You can find the “Triplici Cinte” (Triple Walls), the symbol adopted by the Templars to mark the places with special sacredness. The inscriptions Read more…