Bassiano. Old Town

The historic village of Bassiano is a succession of squares and palaces, alleys and city walls, towers and entrance doors. Walking along its well-preserved streets with their original structure, one has the sensation of taking a dip into the Middle Ages.  

Bassiano. Caetani Baronial Palace

The Caetani Palace of Bassiano is currently the Town Hall and recalls the long domination of the family. The palace was built as a defence element in the Middle Ages by the Annibaldi family and transformed into an elegant residential building in the 16th century by the Caetani.    

Guide of Bassiano

The old town has a special circular shape, punctuated by nine towers and three doors like a wheel. They are placed around an ideal centre formed by the Tower of the old castle dating from the eleventh century. The history of Bassiano begins around the tenth century when a small Read more…