Town Masquerade

The village of Borbona party to inaugurate the Carnival celebrations. Lots of activities for adults and children to start off the most crazy holiday season of all, unleashing their masks and going around the country with confetti, good food and lots of fun.

Borbontino Bean

The Borbontino bean is essentially a borlotti bean grown in this area that absorbs the perfumes of the area. Its seeds are large, kidney-shaped and it has the colour of mottled purple on a creamy white background. The small quantity of product is mainly due to the fact that for Read more…

Musical band

The Borbona Musical band was formed by the alpine town and belongs to the ANA Section of Rome. The band plays at popular activities throughout the Lazio region and promotes musical culture in the town.


The first weekend of September for the past 15 years has been devoted to the “Septemberfest” that combines the local gastronomic tradition with the fun of the donkey race, popular music and “pupazze”. The “Pupazza” is a grotesque mannequin of paper, in which a person dances to the sound of Read more…

Borbontino Bean Festival

In the middle of the month of October for the past thirty years, there has been the “Borbontino Bean Festival”, a product recognized PGI – Protected Geographical Indication. The party isĀ  held over two days of typical local cuisine with polenta and dishes of tasty legume.

Borbona Cross

The processional cross of Bourbon, dating from 1320-1330, is an extraordinary masterpiece of large size, 115 x 70 cm. It is embossed in fire gilt silver foil and decorated with translucent enamel. The cross is on display in the church of Santa Maria Assunta, and is carried in procession on Read more…

Church of Santa Anna

The church was built at the end of 1400, and subsequently appointed in 1600 with wooden altars and a large ornate ceiling. The interior is enriched by a magnificent Baroque altar of 1700 era and a picture of Santa Restituta, the patron saint of the town. Outside is a walled Read more…