Campodimele. Aurunci mountains

Campodimele is part of the Parco dei Monti Aurunci and this part of the park is characterized by barren areas with rocky slopes of limestone covered with bushes that have been recorded to have over 1900 varieties of flowers, including 50 species of wild orchids.

Campodimele. The City Walls

The medieval city wall of Campodimele was built in the eleventh century to control the Liri Valley and has twelve defence towers. The recent restoration has replaced the ancient walkway below the walls transforming the locale and trip into a charming walk.

Guide of Campodimele

Originally this village was called Apiola, a name derived from bees and that after the conquest of Rome in the sixth century BC it was transformed into Campus Mellis, or “Field of Honey”. After years of neglect, in the seventh century, it became a possession of the monastery of Montecassino Read more…