Canepina - Palazzo Farnese by Pietro Minella

Canepina. Palazzo Farnese

In Canepina, the Farnese palace was built in the seventeenth century by Alessandro Farnese, later Pope Paul III, for his son Pierluigi. It was a seat to administer the vast territory of Canepina and its simple appearance does not compete with other Farnese residences. The building was later expanded and Read more…

Canepina - Panorama by Pietro Minella

Guide of Canepina

Canepina is located on the slopes of Monte Cimino and its name comes from the large hemp plantations that were a source of wealth for the community. Canepina is located in the area of ​​Etruscan influence, but the first document on its history is located in the archive of the Read more…