Chestnut Festival

The Capranica Prenestina chestnut festival is dedicated to autumn with all the delights of this season. Sunday revolves around a polenta, prepared and tasted in the square, accompanied by roasted chestnuts and wine.

Capranica Prenestina- Mushroom Festival


The Capranica woods are a paradise for lovers of mushrooms and you can find many varieties starting with prestigious porcini (ammaracci), the ovules (velocce), the cockerels (valuzzi), the blackthorn (dogfish), the small oak mushrooms and prataroli. The mushrooms can also be found in winter under the snow, as the geotropic Read more…

“Hairy Lane”

This is the name of the typical local pasta, a wide fettuccine made with bran flour and water, which are cut or torn by hand. The pasta is seasoned in various ways and served with a characteristic spicy mutton sauce. Another way is to dress them with some of the Read more…

Capranica Prenestina- Mosciarelle

Chestnuts ‘Mosciarelle’

The chestnut groves around Capranica produce a particular variety of this typical autumn fruit called ‘mosciarella’ which take their name from their method of processing. They are in fact very small tasty chestnuts and are still dried according to tradition. The chestnut was for centuries the main food of the Read more…

Capranica Prenestini- Sagra Mosciarelle

Sagra of Mosciarella

The festival of ‘mosciarella’ is an opportunity to sample the main product of Capranica and to see the traditional working methods to dry the chestnuts. The drying is carried out in lodges at two levels in the forest: the first level a weak fire is lit whose heat rises into Read more…